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Parks, the Environment and History

Nearly 20 years ago Amigos de Los Rios introduced the emerald necklace to the San Gabriel Valley. The plan was to create a necklace-like loop of parks, green schools, green space, and trails along the banks of existing waterways such as the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel rivers.

My own goal or dream for Monrovia is that of our own sawpit wash and Monrovia’s recreation park become part of the vision the Emerald Necklace is. This vision would include water conservation efforts, major park improvements, a new baseball field, and a splash pad for young children. 


In 2006, Amigos de Los Rios local historians and I birthed a movement bringing together a union of 1) water conservation 2) green space, and 3) local history. Along the banks of Rio Hondo river that included:

Reducing water 

  • Reducing lawn area at local green space 

  • Adding natural habitat 

Creating a wildlife corridor 

  • Along the Rio Hondo River 


Environmental justice 

  • For local neighborhoods 

  • Creating tree canopies 


Managing stormwater 

  • So it’s not wasted flowing into the ocean 


Cultural value and sense of place 

  • For underrepresented people and history 

These same elements should be included and incorporated into our own park improvements in Monrovia.

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