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Why Sergio is Running for Council:

To keep Monrovia headed in the right direction!

Why I’m running for City Council: I want to keep Monrovia headed in the right direction.
I’m running to continue the work I began this one year and months that I have been on council. Since being appointed in August of 2022, I have sought to make a reality goals that I set for myself and Monrovia.

Public Safety – I view public safety as the Number One priority of Government. As a Councilmember I voted to provide the Monrovia Police Department with the resources and equipment they need to keep us safe. I have also personally met with representatives of the police department and discussed public safety and how it can be improved. Public safety isn’t just a campaign slogan. It is personal to me. In November of 2020 our home was the unintended victim of gun violence. Luckily, no one in my family was hurt. We all need to feel safe and secure in our homes.

Historic Preservation – I am the Monrovia City Council liaison to the Historic Preservation Commission, as well as Board Member of the Monrovia Historical Preservation Group (MOHPG). I originated the idea of giving landmark status to the Farmers Club Drinking Fountain and Rotary Bandshell at Library Park. In addition, I am currently advocating Monrovia recognize and celebrate the Route 66 Centennial (1926 – 2026). Monrovia has numerous Route 66-era buildings and locations, including the Aztec Hotel, the Flying “A” Gas Station, Fred’s Automotive Museum and Event Center, Oak Park Motel, Recreation Park, Monrovia Gas Station and, the Antique Service Station. Local Monrovia businesses can benefit from the Route 66 Centennial by providing lodging, restaurants, and historical tourism in a city full of historic structures – three museums and MOHPG’s Old Homes Tour – as well as other MOHPG special events.

Small Business Advocacy – As a businessman who brought one of the biggest sources of sales tax revenue to the city (ABC Roofing Supply), I understand business. Advocating for businesses was one of the reasons that I ran for City Council. I have met with small business owners to help create a more business-friendly Monrovia. I’ve supported the Chamber of Commerce and new businesses at Grand Openings and special events because I want the San Gabriel Valley to know Monrovia is open for business!

Mental Health – Mental health should concern us all. As a Monrovia City Councilman, I voted to implement the SGV Care Program that adds mental health professionals to the 911 and 988 emergency calls to those suffering a mental health crisis in Monrovia.

Homelessness and The Unhoused – In 2022 I participated in the LAHSA: Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority homeless census in Monrovia. Since then the homeless population in Monrovia has been cut in half, according to LAHSA. The remarkable improvement was due to Monrovia’s Homeless Prevention Program. We need to see the plight of the unhoused as a priority issue.

Water Policy – Water is one of Monrovia’s precious resources. I serve on the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments Water Committee Alternate. In 2023 was selected for the Well Untapped Fellowship Program designed to help local leaders make an impact on California water policy while addressing Monrovia’s individual water challenges. Because of my continuous interest in water policy, I have also traveled with members of the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Board of Directors on an inspection tour of the Colorado River, Hoover Dam and other water facilities vital to Southern California.

Youth Programs and the All America City – In 2023 I, along with other city leaders and staff, traveled to Denver, Colorado, to represent Monrovia as a finalist in the All America City Competition. We made a great presentation highlighting what we offer to youth in our community. In the closing for the All America City presentation I said the following about Monrovia:“Our story is about the building blocks – the people – who make our city great. Whether you are a City Council Member, as I am, a youth, a teacher, an historic preservationist, an environmentalist, an athlete or an artist . . . we are one community and we aim to raise a generation of building blocks. We are building blocks, and we are . . . Monrovia!”

As a Council Member, I have actively participated in youth events such as the “Halloween Spooktacular and Trick or Treat Bash” and our youth-oriented Monrovia Christmas Parade. I am a strong supporter of Monrovia’s youth programs including the YES Internship where I serve as the City Council Alternate Liaison to the program. I have also been committed to “Read Across Monrovia” where I have the honor of reading to Monrovia’s grade school children.

These are just some of the areas I’m involved and will continue to support as a Monrovia City Councilman. I hope to be elected to the Monrovia City Council because I want to keep Monrovia headed in the right direction. With your help, your vote on March 5, 2024, we can do that!

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