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A Council Member for ALL Monrovians

Sergio is a Third Generation Monrovian. Sergio didn't come to Monrovia from some other place. He states; "I'm from here!" Because of this, Sergio has a passion for public service and Monrovia. "You demonstrate leadership out of commitment and service to others." Sergio worked his way through college and was the first in his family to graduate college. He graduated Cum Laude from Azusa Pacific University with both a Bachelors and Masters degree (MBA) in Business Administration and graduated Cum Laude from Trinity Law School with a Juris Doctor degree.

Today, Sergio manages the family-owned real estate holdings including residential and commercial properties throughout the San Gabriel Valley of California. But Sergio's passion is in public service. Monrovia has been very good to Sergio and his family. Nearly nine years ago, the Monrovia City Council believed in his qualifications and commitment for public service. The City Council appointed Sergio to the Historic Preservation Commission. During this time, Sergio has fought to protect the character of the community. Balance historic preservation with the housing needs of our residents, Historic Preservation doesn't just preserve the past, it shapes the future of Monrovia. As a Commissioner, Sergio has served as Chair, Vice Chair, and on numerous sub-committees including the Aztec Hotel, 4' Dimension building, historic context statement and Mills Act; as well as recommending landmark status for the "Farmers Club" drinking fountain at Library Park.

For 10 years, Sergio served as a Member on the Volunteer Center of the San Gabriel Valley (VCSGV). The VCSGV connects volunteers and their abilities with opportunities to serve in such programs as Meals on Wheels, court-ordered volunteerism and Make a Difference Day. Sergio has taken to heart French writer Alexis de Toqueville's quote "America is a nation of joiners" (volunteers). As a member of VCSGV Sergio has served on the Bylaws Committee, Christmas Parade Committee, Scholarship Committee and has been on the Make a Difference

Day Committee. Every October the VCSGV, along with hundreds of volunteers, "make a difference" in the Monrovia community by helping others. The past few years he co-developed the theme to "Make a Difference Day" and last October he spoke at the Make a Difference Day event.

Sergio has been a member of Monrovia Latino Heritage and spoke at the Monrovia Latino Heritage event at the Monrovia Historical Museum on September 18, 2011. He spoke on the

strong ties that bind Monrovia's African American and Latino communities. His speech "A Shared History, Values & Community" was inspired by reading the doctoral thesis of Mary Ellen Romney MacArthur. The 284-page thesis was about de facto segregation in Monrovia, Almera A. Romney, and the Huntington Elementary School. Monrovia's Latino and African American community shared the same neighborhoods, friendships and community. Sergio's hope is to see a rebirth of a close relationship between Monrovia's Latino and African American communities.

Sergio is also a member of the Bradoaks Neighborhood Watch. His family hosted a block party at his home with Monrovia police officers in attendance. The Monrovia police commented that the Bradoaks Neighborhood Watch is one of Monrovia's largest neighborhood watch groups. He also hosted the Bradoaks Neighborhood Watch potluck and Christmas caroling event. The shared meal and caroling was designed to spread Christmas spirit and a sense of community to the Bradoaks neighborhood. The Bradoaks carolers wanted to bring Christmas cheer to all - but prioritized visiting the homes of their neighbors who were recovering from serious illness or loss in the family. The event was featured in the M.A.P. newsletter.

Sergio is a Monrovia Old Homes Preservation Group (MOHPG) member, Make a Difference Day Committee Member, Rotary member, Graduate of the Monrovia Area Partnership (MAP)

Leadership Academy, as well as active in Spanish language ministry at Immaculate Conception Church in Monrovia, his family's home parish.

After years of volunteering in Monrovia to help make Monrovia a better place to live and work, four out of the five Monrovia City Council Members, including our Mayor, Tom Adams, Larry Spicer and Gloria Crudgington asked me to run for City Council. Since then, Monrovia School Board members including School Board Member Maritza Travanti, Rob Hammond, and former School Board Member Terrence Williams, Congresswoman Grace Napolitano, Commissioners, Monrovia business owners, and everyday Monrovians have endorsed his candidacy.


Sergio Jimenez humbly asks for your support for Monrovia City Council 2022

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