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"There is no Democratic or Republican way to pave a street. My supporters are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents."-Sergioeing 1

ff endorsement.jpeg

Monrovia Firefighters


Foothill Community Democrats


State Senator

Susan Rubio


Assemblymember Chris Holden

Rubio B. 007 01-30-23_1.jpg

Assemblymember Blanca Rubio


Monrovia Mayor Becky A. Shevlin


Monrovia Mayor Pro Tem Larry Spicer


Monrovia City Councilwoman Gloria Crudgington


Monrovia City Councilwoman Dr. Tamala Kelly


Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District
      Director Dr. Anthony R. Fellow


Monrovia School Board Member Maritza Travanti


Monrovia School Board Member Rob Hammond


Monrovia School Board Member Jennifer Anderson


Former Monrovia Mayor Tom Adams

Monrovia City Commissioner Bill Shieff

Monrovia City Commissioner Mark Houston

Monrovia City Commissioner Gary Schaeffler

Monrovia City Commissioner Vicky Hansen

Monrovia City Commissioner Mari Anne Lee

Monrovia City Commissioner Penny Zuk


City Treasurer Janet Wall

Monrovia City Commissioner Giangelo Leos

Monrovia City Commissioner Fernando Villegas

Monrovia City Commissioner Blane Shepard

Former Monrovia City Commissioner Edie Ramirez

Monrovia City Commissioner Genia Mills

Monrovia Old Town Advisory Board Member Gina Ammon

Monrovia Historical Museum Vice President Mark Harris

Phlunte Riddle, Candidate for State Assembly District 41

Monrovia Historical Museum Board Secretary Oliver Beckwith

Monrovia Immaculate Conception Church Deacon Mike Salcido 

Monrovia Measure K Citizens Advisory Committee Member Michael Kaplan

Angie Garcia

Rose Salcido

Susana Aguirre

Russell Hollinhurst

Lourdes Lona

Hal Leavens

Donna Baker

Tracy Tenel

Travis Gray

Ron Ferrar

Gayle Montgomery

Giovanni Guerra

Travis Gray

Darcy Conrique

Richard Duran Andrews

Luz Conrique

Ana Gutierrez

Tom Traeger

Luis Gutierrez

Jose Munguia

Alfredo Mejia

Barbara Radford

George Forbes

Valerie Shay

Alex Reyes

Tracey Tempel

Fred Wasson

Brian Yamaguchi

Frances Jimenez

Cuca Mac

Ana Cristina Ruiz

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